Top 10 Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own

Trying to figure out which makeup brushes you need to add to, or begin your collection can be daunting at best, especially for someone who is just starting out. With so many brushes available, trying to decide which ones to add to your makeup arsenal can be overwhelming. However, having the correct brushes can make all the difference in the your makeup application. Today I want to show you the basic makeup brushes everyone needs for both your face and your eyes along with the proper way to use each one.Here is my list of the top makeup brushes everyone should own and the correct way to use them. Along with this list I will also provide more inexpensive brushes as well as I understand not everyone can or wants to pay higher prices for a brush. My goal is to inform you about quality products and if possible, the ones that you can get at affordable prices. To get this started let’s begin with the eye brushes.



Eye Shader Brush

eyeshader brush

This is my go to brush and one I reach for daily. The purpose of this brush is for packing color on the lid. The stiff bristles allow you to push the eyeshadow onto the base easier and allows it to stick. You can also use the tip of the brush to smudge color under the lash line as well or create a defined line in the crease.

Stiff Dome Brush

stiff dome

I use to use the MAC #217 which is great for blending out harsh lines and feathering colors. However, the Makeup Geek pointed crease brush has a slightly pointed tip instead of the more dome shape the MAC has. This makes it more precise and easier to use on smaller eyes. This is great for feathering out color to create a smokey eye, or for blending out the crease. This brush is meant for blending instead of packing on color.

Pencil Brush

pencil brush

This brush is ideal for smudging color either under or on top of the eye. This can also be used in the crease to give a very defined cut crease appearance to the eye. You can also use this brush in the outer corner of the eye with a dark color to give added depth and drama to the look of your eye as well. The small size of the brush give you a more precise application.

Soft Dome Brush


This brushes soft bristles are ideal for blending out harsh lines below the browbone of the eye using windshield wiper motions. This is also perfect for blending out concealer under the eye to help hide dark circles and bags.

Bent Liner Brush

mug bent liner brush 2

This brush is specifically designed for applying gel eyeliner. The bent head makes it ideal for laying on the top of the lashes and dragging the eyeliner out to a winged shape. The pointed tip helps give you a very cat eye, winged out line that makes this brush fool proof when using it.

Dual Ended Brow Brush


This is one of those brushes where you get double the product for your money. One end has the spoolie that allows you to brush through your brows. The other end is an angled brow brush and great for filling in your brows with a powder or even a gel liner if you want a very crisp, defined brow.


Blush/Contour Brush

rounded blush brush

There are so many of these on the market and in a lot of different shapes from round, fluffy, and even angled ones. With blush you can use many different types of brushes, for me personally I like the angled blush brush. You can set the angled brush on your cheekbone and sweep it downward and get an easy and flawless application of blush. If the brush is thin enough, you can take the brush and lay it on its “side” to use as a contour brush to enhance the cheekbones.

Cheek Highlighter Brush

cheek highlighter

This brush is completely optional to have but the feathery, soft bristles of this brush give a very nice finish to any product you use it with.  I like having this brush and use it to apply highlighter to the top of my cheekbones. You can also use these with cream blushes to stipple the color onto the cheeks for an airbrushed finish.

Foundation Stippling Brush

foundation stippling

This is for those of you who love a full coverage look to your foundation. The flat head is made for the foundation to be stippled onto the face. This assures there are no streaks in the foundation and gives a very airbrushed and flawless look to the skin.

Flat Foundation Brush


This is another optional brush. I use this brush to apply highlighter to the top of my cheekbones. For those of you who work on clients this can be good as it is not as big. However, this can leave streaks in the foundation so you have to be careful when using this.

Lip Brush

This is mainly for those of you who work on clients. You can’t use lipstick directly from the tube, so a small lipbrush is ideal for application. This is a very flat brush that makes it easy to dip into a product and apply smoothly and evenly. This is great to have if you are a makeup artist.

Beauty Blender


So technically this isn’t really a brush but how could I not include it? The egg shaped design makes it ideal for getting under the eye and in small areas. This is what I use everyday to apply my foundation. It’s easy and quick to pat the foundation on and then I roll it toward the hairline to blend it into a smooth, flawless finish. This is a must have for day to day foundation wearing!


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