4 Benefits of Motives® Pop Up Shops

There are many benefits of Motives® pop up shops, and an increasing number of Motives® Beauty Advisors today are jumping on board to try their hand at opening a temporary retail establishment with Motives® products. Read on to find out more about the power of Motives® pop up shops for generating interest and retail sales! 

  1. Generates buzz. One of the primary benefits of pop-up shops is that they help a brand generate buzz. Motives® pop up shops are often fantastic marketing tools because they tend to draw attention from crowds that have been hearing about our brands for months on social media!
  2. Quickly draws in customers. A pop-up shop’s temporary nature creates a sense of urgency among consumers to buy now. It gives them the opportunity to see Motives® in person, test out the products, and fall in love with them!
  3. Allows you to engage and interact. A Motives® pop up shop will allow you to interact with customers in a more personal level at a unique environment. You will have the opportunity to create a relationship with your customers who will want to continue purchasing products from you and become a Preferred Customer for life.
  4. Creates brand awareness. Motives® pop up shops will allow you to extend your brand and build brand awareness. This is especially good since Motives® is an online business. A pop up will give you the opportunity to tell your customers who would not normally visit the brand’s site or buy online about the business and how they can also become part of your team!

Take a look at the photos below of an exciting Motives® Business Presentation and Pop Up Shop that happened this past weekend in Greensboro, NC for more ideas:



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