Make Up Services!

 Beautiful elegant bride

 Specializing in all makeup needs, Candiies is a one-stop location for weddings, proms, professional headshots/photoshoots, engagement parties, black tie events, business meetings, and special events. Candiies provides  comfortable makeup stations which encompasses a unique and creative atmosphere that welcomes individuals, groups, men and women of all ages. 


$175 (inc. 2 looks & touch ups) 3 hours Maximum

$60 per each additional look and/or hour


Fashion/ Editorial:

$75/ hour                                                                           GlamzillazMagazine

$250/ half day (4 hours), each additional hour under 8 , $60

$425/day (8 hours) each additional hour over 8, $70

$200/day (4+ models) Assistant Fee


Tv/ Video/ Commercial/ Stage:


$275/ half day (4 hours), each additional hour under 8, $60

$495/day(8 hours) , each additional hour over 8, $70

$200/day (4+ principals) Assistant Fee


Have an upcoming filming project and need a Make-up Artist and/or Hair Designers? Our licensed professionals use the highest quality professional products
designed for hi-definition.
Whether you’re filming for a quick photo shoot, local commercial, or up-coming block buster movie Tracy Perry Salon’s artists can handle the task. Our Artists are
travel ready, highly experienced in the industry, are problem solvers as well as comfortable with the fast pace, high pressure involved.

Stand in is available within a 60 mile radius of Gulfport, MS but a contract is required for further distances.



Bride- $75

Mother of the Bride – FREE w/ Bride +5

Reception support $75 per hour

Bridal Consults – $55 per hour


Hair and Make-Up: First 3 hours $75.00 – $150.00 per hour Additional Hours $75.00 – $150.00 per hour | Half Day $400.00 – $750.00 | Full day $800.00 – $5500.00


Stylist: First 3 hours $75.00 – $100.00 per hour Additional Hours $75.00 – $175.00 per hour | Half Day $400.00 – $750.00 | Full Day $800.00 – $5000.00


 Wardrobe/Set Dressing/Pulling/Returning: Hourly $75.00 | Half Day $500.00 | Full Day $750.00 – $1200.00


Please note:

  • Additional particulars such as nails, hair support, wardrobe styling, special effects, props or the pre-production services of a stylist must be agreed upon before the project.
  • We require a 50% non refundable deposit to confirm any bridal booking, with a remainder of 14 business days prior to the day of booking. Cash, Major Credit Card and Paypal are accepted.
  • Fixed booking fee of $300 may apply
  • Travel expenses are additional to service expenses. Market Rates for Coach Travel, Minimum 3.5 star lodging



Three hour minimum on ALL bookings. In the event booking exceeds the time booked, time is billed in 15 minute increments according to studio clock. Length of booking must be specified in advance and full time booked must be paid for whether it is used in its entirety or not.



A day rate consists of eight consecutive hours with a thirty minute lunch break. Time and a half will be charged for time booked before 9am, after 6pm. Time exceeding eight hours and anytime on the Saturday. Double Rate will be charged for Sundays and Holidays.

All rates are negotiated on a per job basis.

A non refundable 50% deposit is required to solidify any booking. The remainder will be due upon completion of the job.



The agency requests that the client or advertiser sign a propping and expense agreement which makes the client responsible for all damaged or non-refundable items: anything bought, rented or borrowed by the stylist on behalf of the client. The exception being if the damage is caused directly by the stylist.

It is understood that any expenses to be incurred by the stylist while arranging for or purchasing props must be paid prior to propping/pulling. In the event a job is booked on short notice, we ask that a cashier’s or certified check be issued to the stylist in order to avoid possible delays in preparation for the job.

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