Photo Session

Premium Professional Package $400.00

This package includes head shot photo shoot session with 90-120 frames.   2 hours: This package is great for those needing to update their portfolio with a few polished looks.  This package includes 3 retouched image,   Hair and make up is included in this package as well as there wardrobe look.

Basic Professional Package $225.00

This photo shoot session comes with with 30-60 frames.  You must come in full hair and make up.  30 Minutes: This package is great for those needing a quick, one-look shoot (i.e. business people).   Remember, some of us take longer than others to warm up to the camera, so only choose this session if you think you’ll feel relaxed quickly or just need something very simple.   Includes 1 retouched image, there is time for one outfit, so please come fully dressed in the look you would like to shoot.

Make Up Artist $120.00

We highly recommend using a makeup artist for your head shots. Whether you are a man or a woman, using a makeup artist will make your shots pop and look better, which translates into more work for you as an actor, or a model. A makeup artist knows exactly what will look good in front of a lens and uses specific products that are designed for use on camera, whether the shot is taken in natural light or with studio flash. Our make up artist is  great,  friendly and fun to work with.  She guarantees you’ll be happy with not only the makeup and the way you look on camera, but with the whole experience as well.  You will have the option of two make up looks.  The make up artist stays for up to two hours.  Each additional hour will be billed at $50.00 hour

Wardrobe Stylist $120.00

Receive your personal styling consultation with a professional wardrobe stylist. This option includes two complete looks for your photo shoot.  Prior to your shoot you will have to submit measurements, or be measured.  You will also, be questioned on the type of overall look you would like to convey during your photo shoot session.  Your wardrobe stylist will be available for up to 2 hours.  Each additional hour will be billed at $50.00 hour.

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